What is the Best Torch for Dabs? – A Complete Resource

Welcome to our informational page about dabs, and the various tools and torches required for smoking them. On this page we will review some of the highest quality tools for lighting up your dabs quickly and safely.

 BudgetFuel SourceOur Rating (out of 10)
Newport Torch$Butane7*
SE MT3001$Butane7*
Stok Fyr Dabbing Torch$Butane6*
Bernzomatic TS8000$$Butane8*

Butane vs. Propane Torches

After you have purchased or made your dabs, You need to get a dab rig, and a dab torch. Many people over the ages have debated which fuel is better with a nail and a dab rig, butane or propane. While propane is not bad, overall butane is the best and safest choice. For one, propane burns extremely hot, which over time can cause wear or break your nail. Another thing is that fact that butane is much more portable than propane. They’re usually small, and they give off less carbon monoxide than the usual propane. Butane is safer for you and the people around you as well. Lastly, it burns relatively cleaner. That’s why using butane for dabbing is way healthier and a smarter choice for all.

So what’s the best torch for dabbing?

Blazer-GT8000 Big Blast Butane Torch


One of the most popular and well-loved butane burners out there, the Blazer GT8000 stands on top. This lightweight, beautiful black torch burns only pure, healthy butane gas, so lighting up your oil rigs will be comfortable and safe.
One positive aspect is it is easily refillable. As soon as one can is empty, it is simple to buy another can and replace it. The canister holds a total of gas to last you 35 minutes of unstoppable burning at the highest level. It can reach a burning capacity of about 2,500 degrees.
It has an anti-flare, a brass-frame nozzle which gives you the safest possible usage, without burning anything down. It has a slanting head, plus its burn variety is 1.25 to 5.0 inches. It has a security part that offers a solid lock of the ignition, when not in use. It measures 7.50 x 5.25 x 2.0 inches, and it weighs a light 12.0 ounces, and it has an appealing black body finish.
Buying this will not burn a hole in your pocket, with the gas torch being moderately priced. And refillable gas canisters are also available online and in all stores like Walmart.

Newport Butane Torch

Another great and useful dab burner is the all too popular, Newport. This device burns brighter and stronger and can get your nail hot in under 20 seconds. This beautiful little piece comes in a nice golden color. It burns pure butane gas, which is safe.
There are various parts of this torch. The nozzle produces a beautiful, not too large flame that burns at just the right temperature for dabbing. The body stores the canister. The canister is one of the best parts. One can last you about a week without excessive use. If you run out of gas, you will be able to buy more gas to replace it, which you can readily buy everywhere.
The best part, it will cost you around the price of a meal. If you need extra gas, you can purchase a pack of two new cans for around cheap. You can find both the canister and the torch on eBay.

the SE MT3001

Just by the look of it, you can see that it’s a high-tech, reliable butane torch that will light your dab rigs up real nice. This comes with a built-in ignition system and can burn as high as up to 2,600 degrees while being very safe at the same time.
It is not just used for lighting rigs but also for welding as usual. One canister can give you a total of 60 minutes of burn, which is much more than many other devices you will find out there. Since its burning butane, it burns very efficiently, and it is safer than propane. This also has a built in child safe lock. This device is CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) accepted as the thumb release lock device helps stop inadvertent utilize by children, this thumb free lock tool is easy to use, but difficult for you children to use, to prevent any injuries.
If this interests you, you can find on eBay for very cheap for the versatility of this torch.

Stok FYR Dabbing Torch

This tool is known for its small size, which is portable, yet very reliable. This torch burns only pure butane gas and comes with refillable canisters. It is actually created specifically for lighting dabs.
It has a simple adjustable nozzle. The nozzle can be adjusted to produce small flames or larger flames to fit your needs. This adjustable nozzle can be removed and replaced if broken. This torch can burn up to a total 2700 degrees, so you can quickly heat up your extracts. This nozzle also has a safety setting to keep children out of danger. This safe setting can be turned on and locked, so no one but you can use it.
If you decide to buy this, you can get it from eBay for a very low price.

The Bernzomatic TS8000 High-Intensity Trigger Start Torch

The Bernzomatic is a high intensity that can light your rig up very quickly. The reason it is called “high intensity” is because it produces a dangerous high-power flame that should be used with caution.
It has an automatic on and off switch. It uses less gas to produce a better flame that will still light up your oil rig very nicely. Other feature includes:
• Adjustable burn with simple knobs for ease in switching between different applications
• Adjustable burn knob to quickly change flame size for various applications
• Immediate on/off elicit igniter with simple one-handed operation
• Cast aluminum body for durability
• Lock switch keep burn down lit for finger-free bring into play
If you want to purchase one of these dab torches, you can find them for a low price on eBay