4 Methods to Smoke Dabs

Smoking Dab

After you make or purchase your THC oil, it is time to smoke it. The thing with dab is that it has a very high volatility, which makes conventional smoking methods difficult to execute. This article will address some of the available techniques for smoking dab in case you were wondering how to smoke dab.

Dab rig

This is a lot like a modified bong. If you are looking for a little discreteness and sophistication, there are electronic versions. Basically, you have a nail, a torch (unavailable in the electronic rigs), a dab tool, a dome and a water pipe. It works in much the same way as the bong. You heat the nail then using the dab tool you place the wax on the nail and take a hit. For the electronic rig, the nail is heated electronically. The cost depends on your choice of rig, its size, and type.

The nectar collector

This is a new addition to the dab circles. It is more or less a pipe but with a difference and uniqueness of its own. It can have a water chamber (wet nectar collector), or not (dry nectar collector). You heat its tip till red hot, but you can let it cool for a much slower dabbing experience. Then you place your dab on a heat resistant surface such as glass. After that, you just press the heated tip onto the dab and inhale.

Vape pen

If you do not have a dabbing rig, you can use a vape pen instead. Finding the perfect one might be tasking but once you get one, you are home free. A vape pen has four parts (three in some); the mouthpiece, atomizer (heating element), battery (source of heat), and the cartridge. You will find the atomizer and cartridge being a single element in some pens. Place the wax on the atomizer after disconnecting it from the battery, turn on the battery and then connect it with the atomizer. Now connect the mouthpiece and draw on it. If you do it too aggressively, you will lower the heat and reduce the amount of vapor being delivered.

Roll it in a joint

This is yet another option. You will need to make sure that the wax is in the middle of the joint to avoid it being in direct contact with the heat. The faster it heats up, the more it vaporizes and the less you get out of the wax, unless you smoke it all non-stop, which is really no fun at all. Roll your basic joint but place the wax in the middle of the joint between your hash.

General instruction

It takes about 10-15 minutes for the effects to be felt. If you are a beginner, make sure to wait until after the first 15 minutes before you take another hit, otherwise, you won’t handle the potency.