How To Make Dabs Safely at Home

The most common and readily available method of producing dabs is using solvents like butane (the same fuel used in many dab torches), in the heating process. The reason why most people go for butane is because it is readily available and cheap. However, it is also very flammable and without taking the necessary precautions, it explodes, which is the reason behind all the danger talk surrounding dabbing. However, there is a safer process of extraction widely known as the Rosin Technique, which does not involve exploding houses.


All the requirements are readily available at home and what you do not have, you can purchase inexpensively at a local store or even online. All you require is a parchment paper and a hair straightening iron. For better results, though optional, you might make use of a coffee filter. Of course, you will also need your hash. If your kief has a greater potency, your dab will also have greater potency. If the kief you use barely has any tricombs, your dab will have a considerably lower potency.


Set the hair straightening iron to low or medium heat. If it is too hot, the wax that is produced turns out to be way too liquid, which is hard for collection and smoking. Wrap up your kief in the coffee filter and place it on the parchment paper. Though this is optional, it helps filter out the plant residue leaving you with a purer extract. The extract will pass through the coffee filter and you will collect on the parchment paper. Once in the parchment paper, all you need is to press it using the hair straightening iron for about 5 seconds. If you press on it for too long, it also turns too liquid. All that’s left now is the collection and you are ready to smoke.


All the materials needed are readily available and inexpensive. The safety aspect of it all is the most important since you don’t use any explosive chemicals. The absence of chemicals guarantees that the extract will be pure, that is, without contaminants.


The issue with this technique is that it is too time-consuming. At the same time, the amount of extract produced is little. However, the potency of it should be sufficient for a great high. If you want more extract, you will have to repeat the process with a larger amount of kief. However, you will have to do it all in batches to make sure that you get the most out of it.

Large-scale production

Innovative adaptations of the Rosin Technique can help in the large-scale production of THC oil extract. You will need a shirt printing press and an industrial heating iron and all you need to do is repeat the process on the larger equipment.