What are Dabs


If you are serious about your use of marijuana, for whichever purpose, then you have most definitely heard of dabs. It has become a fast rising trend particularly because of those searching for a stronger and fast-acting high. Over the years, people have been trying to get more out of marijuana in terms of the effects and dabbing is by far the most successful of these attempts.

What are dabs?

A dab is a high concentrate of THC and cannabinoids extracted from cannabis, in a process involving heating the hash in the presence of a solvent like butane. The common types of dab are wax, BHO and shatter. It has a high potency because of the extracted psychoactive compounds, more specifically THC, although it is also possible to extract the non-psychoactive compounds as well. When it comes to flavor, it gets a little trickier. It is possible to extract the oils responsible for giving cannabis its flavor but because of their high volatility, it is difficult to preserve them especially in a DIY lab. You can either purchase it, or make it at home from your own buds.

The dab must then be vaporized using a torch, a heating element, or some other element of heat.

The benefits

Dabbing is most beneficial because it is powerful and potent. If you had to compare, you would have to smoke a very large amount of cannabis to achieve the same effect as a small dose of concentrate and even then, the high would be different. Edibles have been the most effective when it comes to achieving an effective and lasting high, but they still don’t compare. For starters, dabs are smoked, which means that they are fast acting on comparison. At the same time, they have long lasting effects and a very potent high.

Dangers associated with dabbing

Marijuana has always been considered a harmless drug but with the advent of dabs, things are changing. With makeshift labs being created and houses exploding, cannabis is quickly taking on that meth vibe, which is seriously uncool. The extraction process is extremely risky when not done by professionals or in a standard lab. Unfortunately, many DIY chemists have been intent on producing more dabs because of the simplicity of the extraction process, which results in more accidents. That aside, the risk of getting contaminants into the dabs during the extraction process is considerably high, an attribute that can also be associated with unprofessional extraction. Its high potency also presents an issue, since it has now become possible to OD on cannabis.

You are also constantly using a large fire torch to light the dabs, which has potential for danger, especially when stoned.


At the end of the day, dabbing has a lot of great potential and should be considered as an alternative marijuana consumption technique. With an increase in research and professional extraction methods, the negative side can be eliminated to leave only the positive aspects, which will be great for the legalization movement.